The first AIDA International
freediving school
in tuscany

Personalized freediving courses and trainings
in the beautiful Tuscany, from beginners to pros.
Sailing trips, snorkeling, trekking, and much more!

Discover your aquatic nature
Unlock your deep potential


Here are some of our courses and activities. Duration and schedule can be flexible. Before engaging in any physical activity we advise you go through medical screening, achieving a medical certificate stating that you are fit for deep freediving.

Introductory and advanced courses with AIDA International, the most modern and recognized freediving agency worldwide. Upon request we can also teach Molchanovs and PADI courses.

In these courses you will learn how to enjoy freediving safely, as well as the basics of freediving technique and equalization. 

  • AIDA 1 (up to 10mt)
  • AIDA 2 (up to 20mt)
  • AIDA 3 (up to 30mt)
  • AIDA 4 (up to 40mt) – soon
  • AIDA Monofin freediver

You will have the chance to practice all main freediving disciplines (depth, dynamics, statics), and you will practice stretching, relaxation and breathing techniques for freediving.

We organize both short courses (e.g. over a weekend) as well as longer ones (3-4 months), depending on available time and goals.

Whenever possible we try and organize all of our activities by the sea, instead of the pool. For example, we love to do statics at the sunset in natural rocky “tubs” by the sea, which date back to the Etruscan and Roman age. Definitely nicer than staring at pool tiles!

→ Depending on the skills we will develop together, it is possible to get certified for both the base and advanced levels in one go

Already holding a freediving certification? You can crossover to AIDA and go on with more advanced courses.

Mastering the basics already and willing to try something different? Enroll on one of our specialty courses and have experiment with disciplines such as monofin and no-fins!

Regarding monofin, you can achieve the AIDA Monofin Freediver certification.

To descend safely and comfortably, freedivers need to learn equalization maneuvers, that allow them to release the pressure building up on their eardrums.

Equalization is smooth and intuitive for some, more difficult for others, but at some point of their freediving journey (be it at 5mt or at 50mt) one usually needs to improve their equalization awareness and skills.

Standard courses are sometimes limited in terms of equalization content, that’s why we have partnered with some of the best specialists around to offer you everything you need to improve and fix your equalization, from beginners to pros.

Safety is an absolute must in our discipline. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, knowledge is never enough when it comes to safety.

We offer a couple different courses you can take:

  • PSS First AID and CPR
  • PSS Oxygen in diving emergencies

These courses can be followed and completed online as well, remotely and in a self-paced mode.

Also, our staff is specialized and updated when it comes to safety procedures: we have learned protocols and procedures that come from competition scenarios (we are talking world championships and world record attempts scenarios), so we know how to support even the most difficult dives.

We are certified Vertical Blue Professional Safety Freediver, AIDA Deep Safety Freediver.

When weather is good we organize daily freediving trainings by the sea, enjoying the beautiful rocky coast of Livorno until sunset.

We usually swim to the dive site, but we can also get a boat to reach nicer or deeper freediving spots.

It is also possible to arrange for longer trips, such as freediving sailing trips to the beautiful islands of Tuscany (Elba Island, Capraia Island, Giglio Island).

Especially when it’s colder, join us in one of our trips to Y-40, the deepest pool in the world with thermal water

The pool is absolutely awesome: 42 meters deep, water temperature is 34°C… forget about wetsuits and weights!

We can design and develop a customized program just for you!

We try and perform all of our activities outdoor and immersed in nature, but especially when it’s colder, pool is a good place to train too.

Come and train with us, practicing swimming,  dynamic and static apnea!

Join our training club!

You can enroll in our coaching program to improve your specific freediving skills and solve any issue you might be facing with your freediving (equalization, relaxation, technique, training… you name it!).

This can be done remotely as well!

Some of us are into freediving competitions: as a club, we strive to offer the best conditions for training and improving at competitive level as well.

If you’re interested in competitions, you can join our specialized trainings.


In addition to freediving activities, we do a whole lot of other things that align with what we like.

Barca a vela

We organize periodic sailing trips to some of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean sea (Elba Island, Capraia Island, Giglio Island to name a few).

In these trips we spend 24/7 on a boat, sleep under the stars, swim at sunrise… practicing, talking and basically breathing freediving for a few days!

Any excuse is good enough for us to spend time in nature!

We organize snorkeling and outdoor swimming activities, as well as trekking in the beautiful hills of Livorno (right by the sea) and free camping!

We even have an old rusty van (named “Sven”) that we use as a mobile-freediving-base as well as for free camping. You’re welcome on board!

Freediving often becomes something more than a sport: it becomes a lifestyle.

We care about yoga, meditation, breathing, healthy nutrition, all of which can help improve your freediving as well as your life in general.

We can now run the brand new AIDA Youth Courses, for kids of age from 6 to 16!
Four levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold Dolphin and AIDA Junior) introduce gradually and playfully skills and concepts of water familiarization, breath control, water safety, equalization, marine environment, and much more!



Francesco Corucci

He has trained with some of the best atlethes around (Miguel LozanoWilliam TrubridgeMorgan Bourc’hisBranko PetrovicUmberto Pelizzari), and learned everywhere there was something to learn. He has improved his performance and safety knowledge over many years, in such a way to offer the best possible knowledge, safety and support to his students.

He has experienced multiple educational systems (AIDA, PADI, PSS, Apnea Academy, to name a few), which helped him gain a broader perspective.

In his courses he tries to merge his emotional and introspective part (the one that resonates with nature and with people at a deeper level)  with the more precise and rational one, coming from his past scientific studies (he is a computer engineer and former researcher in robotics and artificial intelligence).

He practices all main freediving disciplines, but his heart definitely belongs to the sea depths

His personal best is below 70mt deep in free immersion (unassisted).

His favorite discipline is free immersion, but he loves monofin and no-fins as well.


Here are some extracts of reviews we received from our students. Read more here (translated by google)

"A fine preparation and a great predisposition to teaching was evident: all of our sessions were dynamic and customized according to my needs, always accompanied by a lot of dialogue and listening. [...] with Francesco I began to discover a completely new way to freedive, new beautiful and deep sensations related to relaxation and abandonment. [...] His constant research and curiosity in many aspects of this magical sport mean that every suggestion is aimed at personal experience and attitude of the student "
"The curiosity, which has always distinguished him, makes him an extremely dynamic and versatile instructor. Personally, what was important to me was the attention I received from him when I found myself in front of some obstacles. Francesco was able to take care of me as a student, whether it was with in-depth lessons on equalization or simply by going down the cable with me to give me the peace of mind I needed"

"It was a one-to-one experience, a condition that I understood to be rare and really optimal for this discipline. From the static sessions in the natural pools, to the deeper dives in the blue, I felt understood, safe and accompanied at every time. Francesco is really a very good teacher, who knows how to adapt his approach by getting in tune with his students, and cannot help but transmitting his love for what he does. He is also a true professional, in continuous training and research [...]"

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